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To plan a boogie for skydivers from Switzerland and abroad, is certainly not a new idea. Although the first “HellaHerb” boogie at Beromünster Dropzone was held in 2004, the idea was born some time before.


Originally, helicopter flights (=Hella) were planned to celebrate the birthday of a skydiver named Herbert (=Herb) who specially made the trip from the USA to Switzerland for this occasion. At the same time, a few members of the Paraclub Beromünster were tossing around the idea of organizing a skydiving meet in order to promote the sport and make it better known to the general public.


The lady behind the helicopter flight idea then got in touch with the Paraclub. Her plan was to organize the meet at Beromünster, for which a few well-known pros could be flown over from the US. Bero’s infrastructure and the brand-new plane offering ideal conditions, everyone soon agreed to prepare something very special for the swiss skydiving scene. The skydivers themselver soon caught fire for the idea and in the first year many new faces were welcomed at the base.


Today the boogie offers a good occasion to meet other skydivers, to jump, and to generally have a great time while laying the foundations for new friendships within the skydiving scene throughout Europe.

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